Exciting News: 1.2 update launches featuring the much-requested compliance matrix tool

Happy belated 4th of July to our friends in the US! And I hope you had an amazing weekend. The Grant Assistant team has been busy rolling out our latest 1.2 update, featuring the much-requested compliance matrix tool, which enhances our already outstanding proposal-writing product.

With the new compliance matrix tool seamlessly integrated within Grant Assistant, you can transform a task that typically takes 12-15 hours into a matter of minutes. Simply upload your solicitation, and Grant Assistant will generate your compliance matrix automatically. Plus, with our compliance assistant, you can see exactly how you've addressed each requirement by clicking on it to highlight the corresponding statement.

If you haven’t tried Grant Assistant yet, reach out to Rob or Diana using this link. They’ll be delighted to set you up with a demo and a free trial of this incredible product.