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Blank Page to Quality Draft in 10% of the time

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More efficient process
Focus on higher-value activities
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How Grant Assistant works


Allows human insight and creativity to flourish

AI-assisted section writing with full context awareness

Able to capture an organization's tone of voice

Deep dives into associated documents for valuable insights

Program design system to collaborate with peers remotely to design the best project


Provides insights and increases accuracy

System follows funder-focused writing rules (USAID style guide, ADS etc.)

Able to capture an organization's tone of voice

Includes prebuilt templates for major funders

Flags potential issues and omissions

   A huge, game-changing bid dropped just before the holidays, due in mid-January. We thought we were going to have to pass in order to respect our company's holiday shutdown. But in came Grant Assistant with its AI magic. We were able to submit a great proposal during the toughest time of the year!
Nick Martin, CEO, TechChange

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